CSS Plumbers
Central Shop Services (CSS) plumbers take pride in providing high quality and responsive services to their university customers. Versatile and innovative in their approach, the crew uses state of the art tools and techniques in tackling projects. From repairing broken water pipes to maintaining campus drain lines, CSS plumbers play a critical role in the university’s water flow system.

The Life of an Electrician
As an electrician for Central Shop Services (CSS) Ivan Alvarez is responsible for coordinating and providing power supply to vendors during university events. Mr. Alvarez works with FMS Utilities and Preventative Maintenance, Zone Maintenance, and Construction Project Services electricians to successfully meet all university electrical needs. When he isn’t busy with events or emergencies, he spends his time updating and maintaining parking structure lighting, and hospitality exhaust systems.

The art of carpentry
Carpentry is vital to the work carried out by the FMS Central Shops Services (CSS) crew. Martin Fregoso, a CSS Carpenter, is responsible for cutting, shaping and installing building materials for CSS projects. His work is greatly appreciated as it involves keeping our walls and entrances intact. Mr. Fregoso also helps reach pipes in need of repair, for example, by cutting open drywall and exposing the pipe, and then patching up the area after the repair is complete.

Commencement Info
We at FMS understand that to the families and friends of graduates, Commencement may seem complex given the myriad ceremonies, sites and receptions. Questions such as “Where do I park?” may arise, especially for guests not familiar with the campuses. We, therefore, suggest that you visit the USC web page dedicated to this year’s Commencement. There you will find all ceremony information. We hope it helps you plan in advance as well as serve as a resource on Commencement Day. See you there!

Commencement Stats
We in Facilities Management Services understand that to the families and friends of graduates, Commencement may appear to be complex given the myriad ceremonies, sites and receptions. Questions such as “Where do I park?” may arise, especially for guests not familiar with the campuses. We, therefore, suggest that you visit the USC web page solely dedicated to this year’s Commencement. There you will find maps, schedules, and all ceremony information.
Festival of Books
USC hosted the LA Times Festival of Books this month, a major event for the city, university, and the FMS Events Planning team. The festival was held at University Park Campus the weekend of April 12th and 13th, and included live music, guest speakers, and alumni.

Behind USC's Commencement
Preparations for USC’s 131st Commencement are under way with the goal of successfully supporting the university’s most important annual event. For the FMS Events Planning team, success is in the details.

Recycling Food
Recycling at USC is not limited to paper and bottles. Food composting is an important part of minimizing university waste. Actually, most USC cafes and dining areas compost. In 2013, approximately 452 tons of university food waste was composted instead of being thrown out as trash. The FMS Waste Management unit is responsible for the compactors and bins used to collect this food waste.
University Waste
They take out the trash, literally. The FMS Waste Management unit is responsible for all waste removal from USC. And since 1994 they have done this while diverting more than half of it from landfills, making them an important part of USC sustainability efforts.
Recycling at USC
Every year the FMS Waste Management staff bales about 700 tons of mixed paper, including cardboard. That is approximately three truck loads of paper being hauled away from the FMS recycling yard per month. During months with major events, like the LA Times Festival of Books, that baler sees a lot more action!
Coming Soon! New Electronic Survey
In our ongoing efforts to maintain top quality customer service, the FMS Customer Resource Center is launching a new electronic survey. The survey will replace the Door Hanger Program, which asked customers to provide feedback via a paper questionnaire. Now customers will be able to give feedback electronically, making it easier to do so after a service is complete. Customers will also be able to evaluate specific FMS shops.
Energy Efficiency Retrofit at EEB
FMS Energy Services in conjunction with Engineering Services is implementing a multi-phase deep energy efficiency retrofit at the Hughes Electrical Engineering Building (EEB).
Energy Dashboard
As a part of the USC Smart Grid Living Laboratory a new online dashboard dedicated to energy use at USC buildings will be launched next month. FMS Energy Services commissioned and maintains the content of the dashboard, which will include the university’s energy demand and use, information articles, energy competitions, as well as some behind-the-scenes videos on how USC implements sustainability practices.
Building Temperature Guidelines
Keeping a university with more than 170 buildings properly cooled and heated while maintaining a commitment to sustainability is not always easy. FMS Energy Services manages to do so by being strategic and consistent, like having most university buildings plugged into a central control system that applies building specific temperature guidelines.
USC Campus Maps
Perhaps one of the most important tools for any current or potential USC student, faculty, staff, or visitor, is a map. Whether it is accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it is important to know where our rooms and buildings are located, as well as how to reach them.
Who to call in an access emergency
If you are locked out of your room, office, or classroom, please call the USC Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (213) 740-6000. DPS handles all lockouts and can help you regain access. While the FMS Lock Shop specializes in locking hardware and key control, they do not unlock doors. Please be advised that you will be asked to show your university identification to DPS.
Replacing Lost Keys
The FMS Lock Shop reissues lost keys. If you need new keys for a functioning lock please complete a service request through the FMS website. Only authorized key requestors can submit a request. If you are not authorized, please see the Facilities Manager at your building, most likely the person that issued the original key.
How to deal with a broken lock
Not being able to enter, or secure your room, office, or building because of a broken lock or system error can be frustrating. We at FMS understand that and we are here to help. Whether your door has a keypad, a card access entrance, or a door knob lock, the FMS Lock Shop can repair or replace your lock.