After an emergency service request is received, CRC dispatches a technician or tradesperson, either via a two way radio or pager, who then reports to the location within minutes. Upon arrival, the technician will contact CRC to report the status of the situation, ultimately leading to a call from CRC to the customer, updating them on the resolution to their request.

“A serious call would be along the lines of a possible gas leak, in which case I start off by giving safety advice to the customer, and then immediately sending out a tech. And we check in about every 20-30 minutes until everything is clear,” said Pete Allman, a Customer Resource Coordinator at CRC.

“All of them appreciate it!” said Monica Dodd, an FMS Zone Technician, when asked how customers respond to this up-to-date communication. Monica also said USC customers are generally thankful for all the services FMS delivers.

“I helped clean up a major flood on the first floor of one of the buildings on campus, and they were really happy about it. They wrote a letter praising me!” Monica isn’t the only one noticing the great feedback. When asked about his favorite thing about working for FMS, Pete said it’s definitely how nice and grateful all of his customers are.

Debbie Aguilar, Associate Director of the CRC, has noticed a general trend of a consistent increase in the amount of positive feedback from our customers regarding quality service delivered by our technicians and tradespeople.  As an organization, we address the challenges, and acknowledge the positive feedback in a variety of ways, including “Above and Beyond” and other recognition awards, as well as recognition at all-staff meetings, newsletters and electronic communication boards. We celebrate a culture of service!