Emergency Power for Research Buildings

There are a lot of concerns at many levels about emergency power availability at USC, particularly in research labs.  First, all buildings on USC campus’ have emergency power for fire, life and safety systems (FLS).  This web page provides information on the emergency power available at your building specifically to serve critical research equipment.
All normal power is provided by LADWP and as such USC is subject to power fluctuations on the DWP system.  Facility Management Services (FMS) at USC has in place a monitoring system to identify any systemic issues on which it can make minor adjustments.

This information regarding normal and emergency power available for your building is to help you assess your options and strategies for operation of your research in the event of a power outage. It is the Principal Investigator’s/Laboratory Manager’s (PI/LB) responsibility to identify any “building level” emergency power needs for operation of research equipment and bring them to the attention of your school facility manager. Local emergency power needs such as Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) are the responsibility of the PI/LB.  

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