Whether a new construction project is planned, or it has just been a while since the last time measurements were taken at a particular building, CAD Services ensures our USC floor plans always reflect the current status of the physical structures.

As of now, 416 buildings make up our university. Each of these buildings requires up-to-date floor plans at all times, plans which provide information about its physical space, telecommunication capacities, and structural outline.

Currently, CAD Services has thousands of floor plans on file, some of which date back to earlier centuries. One floor plan – of the university president’s office – is dated 1919. Floor plans become a part of a building's historical documentation when not in active use for a project, and are archived accordingly over time. But when a project is active, they are constantly used as references for management and planning.

CAD Services recently finished updating all of the floor plans for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum -a project that took about one year to complete- and are now updating the floor plans for the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.