Led by their Lock Shop Supervisor, Denise Conine, with 29 years in the lock shop business, the FMS Lock Shop works across our university to ensure our study, work, and living environments are secure. The Lock Shop is also responsible for the establishment of university standards of security architectural hardware.

The Lock Shop team is here to ensure all of the security hardware at our university is functional and keyed. What that means on the frontlines is that the locksmiths are working around our campuses repairing broken locks, replacing locks that may need to be switched for security or other reasons, installing new locks, and reissuing lost keys for existing functional locks. Additionally, the FMS Lock Shop is responsible for all USC housing locks, as well as all locking hardware located at gates, offices, classrooms, desks, filing cabinets, and building entrances.

Currently, the FMS Lock Shop has 10 locksmiths, all with at least nine years of experience, and one locksmith who has worked with the shop for about 40 years. Together with their supervisor, Denise, and their Lock Shop Key Control Coordinator, Annie Willis, the FMS locksmiths work to ensure all of your security hardware needs are met to your satisfaction.

The Lock Shop will soon be joined by an eleventh locksmith, in January, 2014. The shop is also working on increasing its weekly schedule from five to seven days per week. To request a service from the Lock Shop please see your building Facilities Manager, they can help you gain any services you may need from the FMS Lock Shop. If you are unsure of who that person is check with your supervisor or housing manager.

*Please contact the USC Department of Public Safety if you are locked out of your office, room, or building. The Lock Shop does not respond to lockout situations.

Below are a few pictures of some Lock Shop team members in action.

Annie Willis, the Lock Shop Key Control Coordinator, issues a new key.

Locksmith Greg Claborn hollows a door for a power supply needed for a new card access lock at the Honors House. 

Locksmith Casey Davis changes a card access push bar lock at the Eileen & Kenneth T. Norris Dental Science Center Building.