The overall goal of the project is to replace aging equipment, better meet the needs of the occupants (which have changed over time), and improve the energy efficiency of the building. By taking a holistic approach to the project, the equipment was able to be downsized thereby saving construction dollars while improving the indoor environment.

Phase one of the project happened last summer and involved bringing chilled water from the campus loop “to and up through” the building to the air handlers on the roof. Phase two was completed during winter break when one half of the air handling equipment (serving floors 3-5) was replaced as well as the thermostat controls on the fifth floor. Phase three, which will replace the remaining air handlers and upgrade the rest of the thermostats will be during the forthcoming summer. Additionally, lighting improvements in both control and light levels will be made over the next couple of months.

Below you can view a photo slideshow of the phase one and two retrofit.

Photo credit: Craig Drown, Associate Director of Energy Services and EEB retrofit project manager