With a goal of bettering the environment, working with the USC Office of Sustainability, FMS Landscape and Grounds, and contracting with Athens Services, FMS Waste Management sorts and recycles renewable resources from the university’s waste.

For 20 years the FMS Waste Management unit has worked toward recycling as much university waste as possible, reaching a 52% diversion rate from landfills in 2012, meaning more than half of the university’s  trash is recycled. Paper, bottles, cans, styrofoam, cardboard, construction waste, green and food waste is sorted from trash, and the remaining waste is then taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is further sorted for recycling. Some of this recycled material is actually sold with the proceeds used to partially support recycling efforts.

The Waste Management unit also has a baler at the FMS recycling yard and bales up to 700 tons of mixed paper and cardboard per year.