“It’s in here,” said Jake Coutts, a CSS plumber. Jake and Roger Lane, also a plumber, walk past Mike Malan and immediately begin laying down plastic. Mike, a CSS Assistant Manager, is on his radio checking in on crew members at other sites.

The men are joined by three other technicians, a carpenter, and two additional plumbers. The project is carried over from the previous day, when the call came in. A bad section of a pipe that supplies water for the hydro heating at College Residence Hall needs replacing, and the section is in a student’s room. 

In the slideshow below you can see the crew in action using a new tool called a Megapress, which replaces welding techniques with a quicker pressing method. The crew is able to cut and permanently affix the new pipe to the existing pipe in the same afternoon, allowing for a faster repair and return for occupants.