Eric Johnson
Director, Operations 

During his ten years here as an Associate Director at FMS, Eric has excelled in his leadership over several critical operations such as landscape, irrigation and athletic fields.  Moreover, he has significantly improved our recycling and sustainability programs, as well as our heavy equipment and vehicle fleet management programs.

Eric is a graduate of the California State University at Chico, with a BA in Recreation & Parks Management. He has earned an APPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators) Certificate for Facilities Supervision in General Administration, and another in Management.  Additionally, Eric currently serves as an adjunct professor at Mt. San Antonio College where he teaches courses in park facilities management which includes budgeting, maintenance, planning and construction.

Eric Johnson has consistently demonstrated the strong leadership and acumen needed to provide outstanding customer service.  He has an excellent ability to listen to a broad range of people, at all levels of an organization, and he strives to incorporate their ideas for successful outcomes.  These are a few of the reasons why Eric was awarded the Directors Award, one of FMS’ most prestigious honors, in 2009.  Eric’s experience, expertise, and commitment to the strategic goals of FMS, have prepared him well for the responsibility of leading the FMS Operations team.