The FMS Landscape and Grounds Services unit is comprised of six different shops that each provide a specific service:  Athletic Fields; Heavy Equipment; Fleet Management; Irrigation; Landscape; and Waste Management.  Although these shops are operated independently, they collaborate to provide quality customer service to the entire university.

Athletic Fields Shop

The Athletic Fields Shop maintains 10 acres of high quality athletic facilities for one of the nation's most preeminent athletic programs.

The shop provides sports turf management  and landscape services to the Howard Jones and Brian Kennedy Football practice fields, Rod Dedeaux Baseball Field and Stadium, Marx Tennis Stadium, Burell Johnson Golf Green, Soni McAlister Field, Cromwell Field, and the Intramural Field.

Heavy Equipment

The Heavy Equipment Shop is responsible for street, parking lot and parking structure sweeping services to UPC, HSC and North UPC.

The shop also performs repair and maintenance to university sidewalks and streets, and supports all campus events.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management Shop is responsible for the maintenance and repair of FMS's service vehicles.

Irrigation Shop

The Irrigation Shop provides water management and irrigation system maintenance to UPC, HSC, and North UPC.

We use advanced water management technology including a weather-based tracking and scheduling system that utilizes data such as evaporation, plant transpiration, plant/crop coefficient, and sprinkler precipitation rate to adjust irrigation schedules.

The Irrigation Shop is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of drip tubing in planter areas to further improve efficient water application.

We also support construction projects and university sanctioned events.

Landscape Shop

The Landscape Shop provides all landscape services to UPC, HSC, and North UPC.  We maintain approximately 200 acres of landscape and hardscape. Areas are maintained and serviced for litter control, hardscape cleaning, turf management, shrub maintenance, landscape pest management, and tree management.

Landscape Shop is also directly responsible for the installation of small to medium sized landscape projects, and supporting campus events.

Waste Management

Waste Management is responsible for ensuring that  university waste is properly disposed or recycled. Waste is sorted on campus into green waste, food waste, contractor's waste, and rubbish.  Rubbish, for example, is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility for further sorting. 

Our current diversion rate is 52.41% which has continuously increased over the years.   Additionally, we bale around 200 tons of cardboard and 500 tons of white paper, mixed paper and newspaper every year.

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