At FMS we are dedicated to providing quality customer service. Whether if it is to give credit to an FMS employee for a job well-done, or to provide feedback about a job that is not going as well as you expect and deserve, there are two ways in which customers can let us know how we are doing:


When the work is complete you will receive a notification with a link to the survey. This will give you a chance to provide us with feedback:

  • Surveys will go out randomly within 2 days of closing
  • Surveys will be limited to corrective and routine work requests (priority 2 and 3 work orders)
  • A notification will be sent after 15 days to remind customers to complete the survey

We look forward to hearing your feedback through our new electronic survey feedback system!

2. PHONE – Call our Customer Resource Center directly.

To speak with a representative about the status of your work request, or to share any compliments about our staff, please call (213) 740-6833.

Be prepared with the following information:

  • Service requested
  • Date(s) of service
  • Building, floor, and room number
  • FMS employee name

For urgent resolutions to any concerns you may have, call the Associate Director of Operations, Debbie Aguilar, directly at (213) 740-3357.