Our Purpose

Energy Services is responsible for the operational management of the university’s building and campus systems to ensure comfortable conditions while minimizing energy costs. By using energy and cost-saving practices, such as centralized room temperature control, and occupancy-based operation in many campus buildings, we strive to provide a sustainable environment for generations of Trojans to come.

Our Responsibilities Include:

Campus Infrastructure Management

  • Trouble shooting and maintaining the buildings control system.
  • Assessing energy usage and patterns.

Energy Systems Monitoring and Maintenance

Strategic Planning

  • Long-term energy assessments.
  • Partnering with Capital Construction Development (CCD) regarding energy efficiency and new building control systems.
  • Retro-commissioning processes.

Energy Savings/Cost Management

  • Cost and service negotiations with utility providers (LADWP and So Cal Gas).
  • HVAC, lighting and building operations upgrade and retrofit projects.