Our Purpose

The Facilities Management Operations unit maintains the University’s buildings and grounds for USC’s owned and leased facilities. These include University Park Campus, Health Sciences Campus, and the Wrigley Institute. Other services provided are event planning, small construction projects, moving services, and waste management. The department includes all of the following work units:

  • Construction Project Services
    Responsible for providing construction services on small renovations, installations, and other construction-related activities

  • Custodial Services
    Responsible for cleaning offices, classrooms, lecture halls, common areas, and restrooms inside buildings

  • Event Planning
    Responsible for coordinating work on FMS-related University events

  • Landscape and Grounds
    Responsible for Landscape Shop, Irrigation Shop, Heavy Equipment Shop, and Athletic Fields

  • Lock Shop
    Responsible for providing and maintaining access for the physical security of campus facilities, equipment and people of USC

  • Special (Moving) Services
    Responsible for providing a variety of moving services, ranging from moving furniture around in one office to transporting equipment across campuses

  • Zone Maintenance
    Responsible for providing routine maintenance of common areas (including lighting, plumbing, painting, floors and ceilings) in academic buildings