Our Purpose

The Capital Construction and Facilities Purchasing Services team is responsible for procuring all construction-related and facilities-related goods and services for all USC campuses. We are a division of USC Business Services and are co-located with Capital Construction Development and Facilities Management Services in the Capital Development and Facilities Building (CDF).

Our team is committed to ensuring that goods and services are procured at the maximum value, in accordance with industry standard best practices, and in compliance with policies set forth by the University, sponsoring agencies, the IRS, and the California State Board.

Our Responsibilities Include:
  • Conducting bids on behalf of departments
  • Negotiating best-value contracts by leveraging the university's total purchasing power
  • Selecting responsive and qualified suppliers
  • Reviewing and signing vendor contracts
  • Monitoring supplier-contract performance

ATTENTION: Construction and Facilities-Related Contractors or Suppliers

If you are interested in doing business with the University, you must complete the appropriate forms linked in the USC Purchasing Services section below.  Note: Suppliers must complete the USC Supplier Application; contractors must complete all three documents.

Facilities Purchasing Links

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USC eMarket FAQs
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USC Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 
FMS Contractor List (via Office365)
Note: You need to use your USC email to access this link. For questions, please contact Kevin Staub at kstaub@usc.edu

  • Suppliers  to Contact in the Event of an Emergency (available for download)