At FMS, strategic planning is a continual process, in which the balance between concrete plans, flexible implementation  and consistent monitoring give us the targeted flexibility needed to operate efficiently as responsible stewards of the university’s resources and our customer’s trust.  Our approach to continuous improvement in quality service delivery is calibrated against the Malcolm Bridge Criteria for Performance Excellenceleadership development, strategic planning, stakeholder and market focus, workforce focus, measurement and analysis, process management and result orientation.

The FMS 2012 – 2016 Strategic Plan involved an analysis of industry trends and FMS customer feedback.  The entire Facilities Management team and other important stakeholders engaged in assessing FMS’ achievements, challenges, and aspirations.  We renewed our mission and strategic goals in alignment with USC’s academic initiatives and the transformative leadership of President C. L. Max Nikias. Our plan embodies a collective understanding of where we are heading, how to get there and how to measure our level of success once we arrive.

YOUR Facilities Management Services team is confident in our capacity to meet the projected and unpredictable challenges along our great journey to support USC’s audacious mission.