Our Purpose

The FMS Special Services (SPS) unit provides a variety of moving services, ranging from moving furniture around in one office to transporting equipment across campuses.  All services are billable to the customer or department requesting services.

Our Responsibilities Include:
  • Moving office furniture or equipment between rooms in the same building.
  • Assembly of furniture (desks, hutches, chairs, bookcases, credenzas, etc.)
  • Transporting office furniture or equipment between buildings on campus or between campuses.
  • Moving items between University campuses and non-university sites (University-related business only).
  • Removing and disposing of old/non-operable furniture and equipment (desks, chairs, refrigerators, lab equipment, etc.).
  • Providing secure bins for the shredding of confidential material.
  • Providing trash bins for large amounts of trash for office cleanouts and during relocation/renovation projects..
  • Providing cardboard boxes for moving and storing materials.
  • Supporting special events on both campuses including the including the set-up and reset of conference rooms, delivery of materials to and from special events.
  • Forklift Services – Require a minimum of 3 employees for safety compliance (driver, safety spotter(s) and in cage when applicable)
Steps to Request Service

NOTE:  BEFORE requesting service, you must:

    1. Obtain either a USC department internal requisition OR a blanket requisition number.
    2. Prepare to provide a detailed list of locations and description of services being requested, including contact names and numbers.
    3. For date or time specific requests, be sure to submit your request at least 5 to 7 business days before date/time desired.


Complete an on-line Service Request Form (requisition information required).


Call the Customer Resource Center for your appropriate campus to submit a Service Request.

  • University Park Campus (UPC) (213) 740-6833 
  • Health Sciences Campus (HSC) (323) 442-8005

For further assistance you may also contact  Eric R. Duran at (323) 442- 0161.

Fees for Service:

$46.20 per hour/per employee/one hour minimum (most jobs require two employees minimum).