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FMS Consultant Approval Process

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USC values the relationship with our consultants.  To ensure the success of this relationship, USC has an interview process as well as an on-going evaluation process.  Both processes create an environment of transparent communication and two-way feedback with the ultimate goal of wildly successful projects.  Our partnership style allows our consultants to be an extension of the university, with engineering practices and values that line up seamlessly.

Why should my company become a USC FMS Approved Consultant?

Companies that provide Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Security consulting services must be on the USC FMS Approved Consultant list to provide these services for any USC project.  This applies regardless if the project is direct to a USC entity, or if the consulting is through an Architect or other party.

What is the process to become a USC FMS Approved Consultant?

Becoming a USC FMS Approved Consultant is a multi-step process that allows both companies to get to know each other, including expectations, goals and processes.

How long does the process take to become a USC FMS Approved Consultant?

The total process, from interview to receiving a USC Supplier number can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months.

What are the elements for the interview?

Key members of the Consultant Applicant Company will meet with USC.  The interview will take about 1- 1 1/2 hours.  The Consultant Applicant Company will be given about 20 minutes to present an overview of the company including offices/locations, breakdown of how many M, E, P engineers and their years' experience, a review of the quality control practices the company has, and some past projects that provide a good representation of the strength of the company.   The remaining time in the interview will be used as a question and answer session, where both USC and the Consultant Applicant Company can interview each other.  The goal of this session is for both teams to get familiar with each other.

What happens after the interview?

After both parties agree they would like to continue with the approval process after the interview, the Consultant Applicant Company will provide at least 3 years of financial data including balance sheets and income statements for USC to review.  USC in turn will provide copies of the standard USC Terms and Conditions and a sample contract for the Consultant Applicant Company to review.

After USC reviews the financial documents and the Consultant Applicant Company reviews the USC documents, what happens next?

Once both parties agree to continue to move forward with the approval process, the Consultant Applicant Company will complete a USC Supplier application in our eMarket system.  Requested documents will be uploaded by the Consultant Applicant Company and reviewed by USC Financial Services.

When the application has been approved, the consulting company will receive a USC supplier number and will be added to the USC FMS Approved Consultant list.

What should my company expect after it becomes a USC FMS Approved Consultant?

Once a consulting company becomes a USC FMS Approved Consultant, their contact information is provided to all USC Project Managers, Architects, and teams involved in USC projects.

As part of the USC FMS Approved Consultant list, approved consulting teams will be expected to meet the USC FMS Consultant Expectations on any project.  At least once a year, the Approved Consultant and the USC team will meet to review expectations and project progress.  These regular meetings will help to keep open lines of communication, as well as address, and resolve, any challenges.  Our goal is to understand what is working and continue it, as well as what is not working and how can we make changes.

Once my company is a USC FMS Approved Consultant, how do we know if we are meeting the needs of the university?

All Approved Consultants will be provided a copy of the Consultant Expectations.  These expectations are also available online.  The Consultant Expectations will be reviewed in annual meetings.  Additional meetings may be requested when the expectations are not being met.  Using an open and fluid communication style, our partnership can continue to grow using lessons learned to enhance each project.