The USC Basis of Design (BOD) is the master reference document for all USC projects. This document is intended to be used by architectural, engineering and construction teams involved in proposed USC construction projects Outlined in the BOD are USC standards and preferences for typical/common USC design and construction topics. Standards and preferences for quality and performance levels, administrative procedures, systems processes, systems, manufacturers, products and installation are included.

Additional sections have been provided below as referenced by the BOD and supplemental to the BOD. These sections should be reviewed as well to ensure the USC standards are being adhered to for all projects.

Basis of Design
File Description Revised
USCBOD Basis of Design 07/30/19

Adaptive Mitigation Management Approach
File Description Revised
Amma Adaptive Mitigation Management Approach 05/30/11

UPC Specific Plan and Development Agreement
File Description Revised
DevAgree Development Agreement 01/30/14
SpecPlan Specific Plan 01/30/14
AppA Appendix A – Design Guidelines 01/30/14
AppB Appendix B – Jefferson Blvd Streetscape Plan 01/30/14

Design Guidelines
File Description Revised
BIMStd BIM Standards
GenDG General Design Guide 01/01/12
LabDG Laboratory Design Guide 01/01/12
LandDG Landscape Design Guide 12/01/10

File Description Revised
080000 UPC Door Hardware Master Specification 08/01/19
080000 HSC Door Hardware Master Specification 08/01/19
281000 Access Control Master Specification 10/30/13

Installation Details & References
File Description Revised
ElecID Electrical Installation Details 07/01/09
AccID Access Control Installation Detail 10/30/13
AccQR Access Control Quick Reference

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