Space Cleaned/Frequency (per business week)

  • NEW “1:1” 1 Partial Cleaning / 1 Full Service Clean (private offices, cubicle spaces) Includes - emptying wastebaskets twice a week, spot and full carpet vacuuming, detail and damp surface cleaning).

  • 4 Partial Cleanings/ 1 Full Service Cleaning:  (public areas, restrooms, locker rooms, showers, patient clinics, child care centers, reception, lounges, kitchen, libraries, classrooms, computer labs, teaching labs, lecture halls, laboratories) Includes - surface spot cleaning, dust-mop or wet spot-mop floors, full and partial carpet vacuum.
  •  Scheduled Project Work and Additional Billable Custodial Services: Includes - carpet cleaning/shampoo, floor finishing, and additional custodial cleaning services outside the normal cleaning schedule.

            Scheduled Project Work and Additional Custodial Services are a Priority 4, and require an estimate for planning and scheduling, as well as a  requisition payment through our work order process.