Facilities Management Services is divided into seven units whose directors all report to the Associate Vice President, John Welsh. 

Additionally, the Assistant Director of CAD Services, and the Assistant Director of Network Services report to Mr. Welsh.

Along with our sister organization, Capital Construction Development (CCD), FMS reports up to Christopher Toomey, Vice President and Executive Director for Capital Construction and Facilities Management Services.

Although we have multiple campuses to serve, we function as one unified organization where our leaders are responsible for their respective department across all locations. Our services are coordinated through our friendly and dedicated Customer Resource Center team.

Facilities Management Services typically has an average of 375 employees who represent a broad range of professional expertise and are known for their dedication to the work that they do. Mindful that inspired stewardship comes from inspired staff, FMS is committed to providing the workplace climate necessary to support the professional excellence and well-being of every member of the FMS team, making FMS “No Better Place” to work.

Facilities Management Services team is confident in our capacity to meet the projected and unpredictable challenges along our great journey to support USC’s audacious mission.

Quick Facts
  • Throughout the university, FMS uses a computerized energy and resource management system to help control costs for electricity, gas and water.
  • The Zones Maintenance technicians use a “find it, fix it” approach to proactively address maintenance issues before our customers even notice them.
  • FMS Maintenance technicians service over 200 elevators.
  • Our Events Planning unit coordinates close to 1,600 events annually.
  • FMS Landscape crews maintain more than 1,000 planters and 108 ornamented gardens (representing nearly 7,000 trees and thousands of shrubs) all of which enhance our green space on both campuses.
  • Our CAD Services unit maintains approximately 300,000 blue prints in its archives.
  • To promote sustainability on campus, Cromwell Field is surfaced with artificial turf, eliminating the need to water, mow or re-sod – making the field available for use 24/7.
  • FMS is an integral partner in the university’s emergency preparedness, planning, and response efforts.