Facilities Management Services is headed by Associate Vice President, John Welsh who reports to the Vice President and Executive Director for Capital Construction Development (CCD) and Facilities Management Services, who, in turn, reports to the Senior Vice President of Budget and Finance. 

The FMS senior leadership team is comprised of five departmental directors from Operations, Human Resources & Financial Services, Energy Services, Engineering Services, and Maintenance Services.

Another layer of FMS leadership consists of a formal group of representatives of each director’s direct report managers, called the Leadership Partners.

Our total leadership team, including front-line supervisors, includes approximately 40 people.  FMS has a diverse staff of around 375 to 400 employees, not including contracted custodians for the UPC campus.


Associate Vice President, FMS - John Welsh

Director, Energy Services - Carol Fern

Director, Engineering Services - Mark Mosley

Human Resources Director - Ana Zavaleta

Director, Operations - Eric Johnson

Senior Business Officer - Kwok Ng