The Customer Resource Center (CRC) is the hub of daily activity at Facilities Management Services serving both the University Park Campus (UPC) and the Health Sciences Campus (HSC). While working in conjunction with both the Operations and Maintenance units at FMS, CRC is responsible for processing work requests in response to the needs of our customers. In partnership with other USC departments, we take pride in providing quality service to students, faculty, staff and visitors across the Trojan community.

To process your request and follow-up, we will need:
  • Your full name, phone number (or extension) and email address.
  • A detailed description of the request or problem.
  • Name of the building or the address where the service is needed.
  • Room number, floor, or specific location where the service is needed.
  • Name and telephone number of an alternate contact/requestor (ex. building supervisor).
  • A requisition and billing account number (for billable services).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some services (like key requests) can only be made by pre-authorized personnel.

To request a service via the FMS Website, CLICK HERE.

To request a service via phone, call the FMS CRC (24/7):
  • University Park (UPC) - (213) 740-6833
  • Health Sciences (HSC) - (323) 442-8005

To see a full list of ALL of our Services, CLICK HERE.

Our Responsibilities Include:


  • Maintaining lines of communication between FMS service staff and customers through the FMS Call Centers for UPC and HSC.
  • Managing and monitoring the FMS Door Hanger program.
  • Making customer calls on Priority 1’s and 2’s.
  • Conducting quarterly meetings with building managers and other customers.
  • Maintaining a 600+ customer contact list for utility shut-down notifications*.

*If you would be like to be added to this list contact CRC.

  • Following up on customer feedback.


  • Triaging web, phone, mail-in and fax requests.
  • Creating and closing Service Requests and Work Orders in FAMIS database.
  • Managing and monitoring FMS communications.
    • (including pagers, cell phones and 2-way radios)


  • Generating reports regarding the quantity and quality of calls and services.
  • Entering staff time cards and absent authorization slips.
  • Providing administrative support to trades/shops as needed.


  • Serving as first responders to the FMS Department Operations Center (DOC).
  • Maintaining and updating the FMS Emergency Plan.
    • (including. protocols for emergencies – power outages, floods, fires, etc.)
  • Partnering with USC Career and Protective Services (CAPS) and other department (incl. Auxiliaries, CCD, Housing) for University-wide integrated emergency planning and response.
  • Coordinating emergency drills and exercises for FMS staff (UPC and HSC) and other departments.
  • Providing staff training for USC Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT).
  • Providing emergency generators and potable filtered water to support key university functions in an emergency.
  • Maintaining information on floor plans and utility plans (UPC and HSC).


  • Processing utility shut downs.
  • Monitoring and responding to after-hours and weekend EMS pager alerts from the Energy Management System (Honeywell).
  • Approving and coordinating Filming Requests.