Customer Resource Center
Our Purpose

CAD Services provides timely and accurate computer aided drafting and mapping services to support the building, maintenance and construction initiatives of USC. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in: developing and maintaining databases related to CAD, as-built, and floor plans for all university-owned buildings and selected leased properties.  We also maintain site, utility and thematic maps, as well as provide technical software and other project-specific support to all USC stakeholders.  Our goal is to provide excellent customer service.

FMS CAD Services has championed the use of (BIM) Building Information Modeling technology to generate and manage digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility. The resulting building information models (BIMs) support decision-making about, and maintenance of, our facilities from the earliest conceptual stages, to design and construction, and throughout its operational life and eventual demolition. 

Our Responsibilities Include:

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Architectural operational floor plans
  • Telecommunications operational floor plans

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • Base Campus Map
  • Thematic Maps
  • Utility Maps

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Modeling of existing buildings
  • Providing checks and feedback for models during design and construction
  • Receiving and processing models at project close-out

Facilities Related Document Management

  • Plans
  • Permits
  • Manuals
  • Specifications
  • Reports